STOP Manglin’ the Pangolin


We ALL Must work to Protect the Pangolin and STOP Others from bringing them to eXtinction.

A HUGE misinformation campaign is one of the root causes of this Mass Murder of this Beautiful Animal of eARTh.

Some Foolish People believe that the Scales can be boiled in Tea and cure Cancer. If that was the case, we would ALL be boiling Our own Hair and Fingernails, because they are made of Keratin, the same substance.

So, for $$$$$ these animals are almost being wiped out of their natural habitats all over the World. It is a Shame.

But what is worse is the fact that the vast majority of people everywhere have NEVER even heard of the Pangolin.

How do you bring attention to something that few know exist??

You Create Art and Hope a Catch phrase can initiate some Awareness in order to incite Action to benefit the Cause of STOPPING the Manglin’ of the Pangolin.

Teach People about the Beauty of this Animal, and do whatever you can to help us all ensure it survives into the Future, with a healthy population of Lovable Pangolins.

For Some Amazing Pangolin Videos and Information, Check out these links.. SHARE them with Friends..

Purchase and Own the ARTwork and the Proceeds from your purchase will go towards the benefit of the Pangolins Worldwide.

We Hope to Join forces with the RIGHT organization very soon... Stay Tuned..