Save eARTh

a 501c3 Organization dedicated to Saving eARTh with heART and ART

Our Mission is to Save eARTh with heART and ART.

Our First ART offering as Save eARTh is

the First Supper

by diNo and dART

The Animals of eARTh gather in Peace for the First Supper. Everyone is Happy and invigorated by the Wonders of what will become of this World they are preparing for us.

The Animals of eARTh still preserve the Magic from an ancient and pristine time. They have Perfected the Land for Us, and we owe it to them to Keep it Beautiful and Healthy.

The Profits from this Artwork will go to Save eARTh 501c3, and inevitably towards eARTh and the Animals. All Support is Infinitely Appreciated.

Thanks and Share with Friends, Family and the Animals in your life.

To simply Donate any amount to Save eARTh, Click Below.

We appreciate Any and ALL support and promise to do as much as possible with your contribution.

Thanks infinitely :)


if you want to receive some Incredibly Beautiful and Meaningful ARTwork

AND benefit a Cause/Charity, Save eaRTh 501c3, the Artist,and the Animals...




Save eARTh was Founded by diNo and dART

Feel Free to Contact us Anytime.. Let us Know how YOU Save eARTh.. Join Forces with US.

diNo :  phone - 781 690 3081


and Erin dART can be emailed at - 


No Matter how overwhelming the Damage to eARTh is..

We Must NEVER Give up...

We Can, and We Will Save eARTh.   

The Golden Rule is a NEW ARTwork we are trying to Spread throughout the World.

Save eARTh now offers a Limited Edition Golden Rule HOODIE.. only 10 in existence... for $75

$50 Goes to Save eARTh, the rest is production and mailing..


If you or your Organization would like to Offer the Golden Rule Artwork as a fundraising Option for your Cause, Charity, or Fundraising Event..

please contact diNo at

or by phone at 781-690-3081

We offer unbeatable prices for Art prints that can be used to Raise Money for some Unbelievable Causes to Save eARTh. Perfect for ALL Ages. Educational and Inspirational.

We Hope to Join Forces with You Soon.

Save eARTh is initiating an ART Awareness Campaign in regards to the Plight of the Pangolin.

Sometimes, it is better to spread Awareness through catch phrases that will stick in people’s minds and resonate enough to inspire research and inevitably cause us all to ACT with Creative and much needed efforts.

In order to Save this beautiful species, those committing the Atrocities MUST

STOP Manglin’ the Pangolin!

Until we Find Out the Best Organization who is on the Ground Protecting the Pangolin, we will collect funds from the Sale of this Artwork to eventually go to whoever wants to join forces with us.

It is imperative to SHARE this image and tell as many people as you can that the Pangolins are in Trouble, and Need Our Help and Awareness.

Click HERE or On the Pangolin  ART for More Info

SAVE the Coral

Save eARTh and the Coral Reef Alliance are...

forming an Alliance to

Save the Coral!

An incredible wealth of Coral Knowledge can be found here

Without Our Coral Reefs, Our Ocean and the Beautiful Animals within it, cannot survive.

SAVE the Sanctuaries

This Artwork is designed to be a fundraising Art for Animal Sanctuaries around the world. Thankfully for many Animals, Sanctuaries exist, and the amount of human work that goes into running one is immense. They are usually run by local volunteers and hard working Animal lovers of all ages.

We want to offer these Artworks to Sanctuaries around the world, so that they may offer them to their visitors in exchange for donations of any kind or value. The Artwork then inspires all those who see it to truly appreciate and help out there own local Sanctuaries. The value that this can bring to everyone, including the Animals, is immeasurable.

Click HERE to find out how YOU can help


including some of Our Local Favorites!