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Save eARTh : The Guarding of eARThly DeLights

by diNo of

4 x 5 feet of INK

A Vast Landscape spanning the World’s biomes combines hundreds of Animals of eARTh all enjoying their beautiful Lives. The Save eARTh message can be found throughout the ART as each animal cooperates harmoniously forever with the Good of eARTh always in mind and heART.

50% of Profit Goes to Save eARTh


by diNo of

30 inches of Ink

333 eXtinct Animals of eARTh form a Mandala Map of Our World. From the Dinosaurs to the Last Male North African White Rhino, explore this world of time’s forgotten Animals and imagine how Our world was throughout time. We must prevent any further extinction of Life’s Beautiful Creations.

50% of profit goes to Save eARTh

50% of profit goes to EARTh Limited of SouthWick’s Zoo

the First Supper

by diNo and dART and

21x12 inches of Ink and Watercolor

We envisioned the First Supper, in contrast to Da Vinci’s Last Supper, and brought the Beautiful Animals of eARTh to the table. The sun is rising as the Animals of Land, Air and Sea gather to eat fruits and vegetables, and plot the Perfection of this future world full of potential.

This is the first Official Save eARTh 501c3 Artwork.

50% of Profit goes to SAVE eARTh

Soon this store will be PACKED with eARTh Saving Original Artwork, Products and Creations. The only place where Every product benefits A Particular Charity/Cause, A Hard Working Artist, and Save eARTh. In short, Everyone Wins! :)

So Thanks for ANY and ALL support, and Please Share with Friends and Family... and remember.

We are ALL Friends and Family.

The TeslaVerse

A Surreal Artistic Vision of the Universe according to Tesla. The patterns emanating in the Space around him show his eastern influences and his belief in the Aether. His Tower emanates Power throughout the landscape, with his white pigeon friend nearby and all the Animals on his side. The eARTh is happy with the discoveries of Tesla which are in harmony with All of Creation.

50% to Tesla Science Foundation

40% to SaveeARTh and 10% to Artist diNo

The Tesla Mandala

This mandala displays some of the many patents, inventions and discoveries of Nikola Tesla, centered around him and his pigeon friend as they discover infinity. Around him are some of the statues in his honor, his inventions from Niagara Falls to his wireless boat, fountain technology, Wardenclyffe Tower, his Tesla coils and so much more.

50% of Profits go To Tesla Science Foundation

40% goes to Save eARTh and 10% to Artist diNo

The Ocean Mandala

A beautiful vision of a day in the Oceans of eARTh. All animals swim peacefully and beautifully around a coral being as pelicans and birds fly above in the sun and moonlight. An incredibly positive vision of Our Seas for All ages to SEA the Wonders that exist just below the surface of Our Waters.

50% to the Oceans Donation Fund of Save eARTh

40% to Save eARTh and 10% to Artist dART

The Rozalia Mandala

Dedicated to the Preservation and Cleanliness of Our Oceans, the proceeds from this Artwork are donated to the Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean.

50% of profits go to Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean

40% go to Save eARTh and 10% to Artist diNo

The Vegan Mandala

Every Human is fully capable of living an incredibly healthy, energetic, and mindful existence without relying on the consumption of other Animals. All Animals want to live and be free, the same as you and Us. We all deserve the right to Live. Do Not Eat Animals. Do Not buy animal products that harm animals.  Think about what you buy and eat. Vegetables, Fruits, Mushrooms, Nuts, Legumes, Seeds, Grains, herbs, etc.. are ALL Delicious and unbelievably healthier than a once living animal.

50% to Save eARTh VEGAN Donation Fund

40% to Save eARTh and 10% for Artists diNo and dART

The Golden Rule

by diNo of

16x20 inches of INK

If We ALL abide by the Golden Rule, the eARTh will be Saved. It Really is that simple. We all must value life, and KNOW that the Animals do in fact have a soul, spirit and the ability to Love. We are ALL inhabitants of eARTh, and must respect ALL sentient beings upon this Land. Based on Norman Rockwell’s Human related Golden Rule Artwork, it is time for this Rule to be applied to the Animal World as well. Your Karma and the Animals will thank You.

50% of Profit Goes to Save eARTh

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Protect America

This Art campaign is in response to the senseless trend of Police Officers being targeted. The need for spreading Respect and Admiration for Our Officers of the Law who Protect us, has never been greater. When anyone is in trouble, regardless of race, gender, age, political belief, religion.. Police respond with their best efforts to Protect the Freedoms of We the People of America. Thanks infinitely for your Service.

Save eARTh and

the New England Chapter of Concerns of Police Survivors, inc. have joined forces to offer this Art and raise money for the families of Police Survivors.

Click Flag or Here for More Info.

90+% to New England Chapter of Concerns of Police Survivors, inc.

less than 10% to SaveeARTh for production, shipping, spreading.

Save eARTh is initiating an ART Awareness Campaign in regards to the Plight of the Pangolin.

Sometimes, it is better to spread Awareness through catch phrases that will stick in people’s minds and resonate enough to inspire research and inevitably cause us all to ACT with Creative and much needed efforts.

In order to Save this beautiful species, those committing the Atrocities MUST

STOP Manglin’ the Pangolin!

Save the Coral

by diNo of

14x16 inches of INK

This Artwork features 33 of the NOAA listed species of Endangered Corals of Our eARTh’s Oceans. Corals are so incredibly important for life underwater, and many people are unfamiliar with the fact that they are actually living organisms. The future must be properly educated on the Importance of Coral, and must discover ways to protect and re-grow our Ocean’s coral populations wherever it is needed for sea life to flourish properly and sustainably.

50% of Profit Goes to Save eARTh

50% of Profit Goes to Coral Reef Alliance at

Save The Sanctuaries

by diNo of


Sanctuaries are incredibly important for the welfare, shelter, and rehabilitation of many Animals around the world.  Housing these Animals requires a lot of work, and money for food and health products, which can get very expensive. We hope this Art and the donations it brings can help alleviate some of the financial costs for some local and eventually worldwide sanctuaries in need. We will also distribute this Art to sanctuaries for Free, so they can fundraise with it, and inspire Artists and Animal lovers of ALL ages.

50% of Profit Goes to Save eARTh

50% of Profit Goes to a Local Sanctuary