World News and Important Information



Warnings about the Dangers of Wireless WIFI Headphones..

Scientists ‘Wake Up’ Extinct Mammoth Cells!! should we go down this road??

A possible Explanation for the Potential Sixth Mass Extinction…

More UNITES us than DIVIDES Us.. study from University of Bath

China and Russia experimenting with Heating the Atmosphere… Not Good..

The Black Vault… exposing secrets of the world in quest for TRUTH.. beware.. very comprehensive..

How tourists are Loving Nature to Death.. Beware the Dangers of Selfies

Photography Award Winners of Nature.. Amazing Photos!

Laws that ALLOW for LIES to fluorish on the Mass Media..

Discovery of some Ancient Amazing Animal Artwork.. the first members of Save eARTh

Incredible footage of an Elephant family honoring a fallen friend..

Collection of Endangered Coral Species from NOAA

The Devastation of Poachers.. a serious problem for Our Wildlife

Vacate Porpoise being targeted by mafia in Mexico.. another problem

BEWARE of “NATURAL FLAVORS” and “FRAGRANCE” in your Foods and Goods

BEWARE of Chemicals in FOOD.. protect yourself.. Know your ingredients..

5 of the many Dangerously Toxic Chemicals in SUNSCREEN

44 Horror stories from ‘Ambient’ Users.. BEWARE of Relying on Pharmaceutical ‘quick fixes’

A Guide for those who are Censored.. A brief history of those who fought censorship.. Controlling Public Opinion is a timeless tactic of the Powerful..

An in-depth report on how FREEDOM of SPEECH is being banned by TECH companies.. a serious problem for Human Freedoms and Creativity

Humane Decisions comprehensive List of Animal Sanctuaries in the USA

RECYCLING Plastic is a Complex Topic.. Here is some unique insight on it.. the best way to remove plastics from Nature, is to stop using so much plastic.. everywhere.. everyday..

100 Recently Extinct Animals of eARTh

How ElectroMagnetic Fields Damage your HEALTH.. try to resist the tech.. or turn it off when not in use..

How to Help Save the PANGOLINS

Research into the depths of the sinister Pangolin trade and it’s consequences

AGROecological Farming Techniques.. could be very useful for Future Farming

Discover the FOREST.. find some local woods and go exploring.. Stay Safe. Keep Nature Clean.

The PATENTS of NIKOLA TESLA.. amazing stuff for ALL

Barcroft Animals Television and Video Collection of Animals

Live Science Article.. Why We Need Animal Sanctuaries

200 Year Old Sunspot Cycles Recorded in Artistic Journal of Scientist

David Rumsey MAP Collections.. WE can ALL Learn a LOT from OLD and Ancient Maps of Our World

Forgotten Books.. Over 1.25 million Books from throughout time. Incredible.

Beautifully Creative Website of Wonders from Genius and Author Cliff Pickover


Winter Solstice 2018 and DETAILS of the MOON from P&K imaging

Words of Confucius

Short Documentary on the DANGERS of AI and the Tech Future…

ART Can Save a Panda with LUCY SPELLMAN… a great women for the Animals!

ARTIST Wyland explains how to NOT be a Starving Artist

In Memory of Artist Pablo Amaringo.. Reminding us there is much more to discover in this Universe and in our minds..

EARTHLINGS -2005 Animal Welfare Documentary.. Be warned.. intense footage of Animals..

Amazing Coral Reef 2018 Documentary with incredible footage of Sea Life

Desert Seas Documentary of Sea Life near Saudi Arabian Deserts

Buddhist Lost Cave Temples

Wheel of Time .. Tibetan Mandala documentary by Werner Herzog

One of the Many documentaries on Nikola Tesla… an inspiration

WorldSpirit by Alex Grey.. a really powerful motivational performance for ALL Artists

Baraka.. one of the most visually stunning films  of eARTh and it’s People and Nature..

Why we Need Zoos.. TED talk.. showing the Benefits..

What Animals are thinking and Feeling and Why it is so important to understand this…

Thoughts on ART and Life by Leonardo Da Vinci.. 8 hours of Magic..

Part 1 of the ART Spirit by Robert Henri… check out this amazing Book!

ART mind.. the Healing Power of Sacred Art with Alex Grey.. Great video and perspective for Artists

Cosmic Creativity: How ART evolves consciousness with Alex Grey

The Tibetan Book of the Dead… fascinating glimpse into the unknown

Srimad Bhagavatam : Sacred book of Jainism.. On the Structure of the Universe.. Listen or Read  ALL chapters of this legendary writing

Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio Documentary

Art, Music and the Brain, the Benefits of Making Music

Beautifully Complex Patterns of SOUND vibration

Masaru Emoto and Magic of Water Crystals… very interesting concept

DiNo and dART ARTobiographical ARTumentary.. and their quest to Save eARTh

Star FORTS collection from around the world.. Very Mysterious and Beautiful

Crop Circles Collection from around the world.. Also Mysterious and Beautiful

The Mystery of TARTARIA… an Amazing Creative Culture that may have been erased from history

The Joy of Painting with BOB ROSS

VEGAN 2018, the Film from Plant Based News

Mushrooms as Medicine talk by Paul Stamets at Exponential Medicine

Richard Williams Animators Survival Kit.. Tips from a Master of Animation

A Recent Video by the People of Damanhur.. A Magical Art Community in Italy